The importance of tamping

The Importance of Coffee Tamping

Tamping is one of the 3 variables you need to control during coffee making in order to make consistently tasty, perfect espresso. When you make espresso coffee, the aim is to extract the sweet oils and flavours from the coffee, but without impurities and bitter flavours.

How it works

When hot water passes through ground coffee, its flavours are extracted. By correctly compressing ground coffee beans through tamping, you create resistance for the water as it passes through the coffee, whilst removing channels or pathways that water can pass through too easily. If coffee is tamped evenly and with the right amount of pressure, as the water passes through it will extract the sweet flavours from the coffee.

The industry standard for coffee tamping suggests that baristas exert 30 lbs. (15kg) of pressure when tamping, in order to create an even ‘puck’, which generates the perfect espresso.

So Why the Eazytamp?

The Eazytamp removes the guess work when you tamp coffee, through the use of a cleverly designed calibrated spring, that enables you to push down 15kg of pressure every time you tamp. By using one of our tampers, you eliminate one or more key variables necessary to make deliciously perfect espresso.