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Coffee Tamping

Why cafes need to be investing in better quality coffee tampers

18 Apr 2023

How do you make the perfect cup of coffee? Most cafés and restaurants believes that they have something that makes their coffee a little better than someone else. After all, this is arguably the most popular beverage on the planet, and a successful business will ensure that they have quality coffee to offer to customers.

Truth be told, making outstanding coffee is both an art and a science. It is the about having the right coffee grind and dosage and tamping processes. Having the correct coffee tamper makes it easy for anyone to make a coffee without having to worry about the process and how much pressure to apply to the ground coffee. Using intelligent coffee tampers, you can have any barista on the machine and be certain that your coffee will be consistent every time


Tamping Coffee Grind Makes a Difference

Tamping coffee is necessary to ensure a spectacular cup of coffee. When making espresso coffee, the basic process of making coffee is the same, where the flavours are extracted as hot water runs through ground coffee.

However, when the ground coffee grind is compressed through tamping, there is a greater resistance that develops, making the water move more slowly through the grounds and extracting the sweet flavour we know as espresso. Using a spring loaded tamper, the coffee is compressed using up to 30 lbs of pressure. As the water passes through the coffee grind, the ideal flavour is achieved from the coffee. It truly results in the best tasting coffee.



Why tamping is so important

When tamping coffee, there are three variables that need to be controlled and which can affect the flavour of the coffee. They are the tamping level, the consistency of the pressure, and the depth of the tamping. It is easy to see how each of the variables can create an impact:

  1. Tamping level relates to ensuring the coffee grounds are not compressed on an angle. The more evenly distributed the grounds are, the more even the coffee extraction will be and will ensure that channelling is avoided.
  2. Tamping pressure means how much pressure you exert on ground coffee to create the resistance for the hot water to pass through as you extract your espresso.
  3. The depth of tamping relates to ensuring your coffee tamper is able to reach and therefore compress down onto the coffee, regardless of whether you dose based on the recommended dosage (e.g. 21g of coffee in a 21g filter basket), or 15g in a 21g basket (noting there are some schools of thought which argue that under-dosed coffee produces better flavours following coffee extraction).

As a home barista in particular, it’s important to keep the process simple, while bearing in mind the need to control all variables that will inevitably affect the espresso extracted by your coffee machine.


Let The Coffee Tamper Work For You 

While stationary tampers can be used to make a cup of coffee, the truth is that these tampers are only as useful as the skill of the particular user – that is the individual needs to “guess” to ensure they tamp using the same pressure and ensure the tamping is level on every occasion. This is simply not sustainable and can result in a frustrating coffee making experience.

The Eazytamp is a tool that helps you to make the perfect cup of coffee each time, and will eliminate the stress and worry from your coffee making process. You do not need to be a super expert in making coffee to use this tamper and get the flavourful coffee you desire. It’s truly a no-brainer.

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